2018-2019 KLIFE Theme

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Our society has greatly changed over the past quarter-century. With new innovations in technology, social media, and education, we now have more access to information and connections than ever before in history. In many ways, this has had a positive effect in our world. However, due to our natural human desire to be well-liked, fit in with the crowd, and have the approval of others, many people, especially students, have begun to conform to the ideas presented by these new advancements: “this is how I should look and act”, “this is how I should respond”, and “this is how I should think and feel”.

This makes the hardest part of being a Christ follower to be different. When the world says, “Do these things”, the Bible says, “It is finished”. When the world says, “Do what’s best for you”, the Bible says, “Love others”. When the world says, “Be angry and get even”, the Bible says, “Rejoice and forgive”. When the world says, “Get ahead at all costs”, the Bible says, “serve and

Our hope for this year is that through truly experiencing Jesus and the truth of Scripture, our students will begin to see that being different is the greatest possible adventure, and that they would shift their thoughts, words, and actions from worldly desires to the things that glorify God.

SCRIPTURE: Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians

THEME VERSE: “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that
are on earth” | Colossians 3:2