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Campaign Project Summary


Construction and Renovation - $1,600,000 | KLIFE needs a home. The youth of our community deserve an inviting and serviceable place to gather for the programs and activities that will shape the remainder of their lives. The site we have chosen is conveniently located adjacent to the High School campus. The construction of our 8,000 square foot Activity Center is the hallmark of this campaign. In addition, we will renovate and build a 2,400 square foot facility to serve students near Central Middle School.


Site Acquisition and Development - $480,000 | We are fortunate to have identified property in strategic locations near the High School and Central Middle School where our students attend. Securing these properties will offer safe, accessible locations convenient to our students and their families. The site development budget also covers the necessary signage, landscaping, parking and sidewalks needed at these locations.


Equipment and Furnishings - $195,000 | Our programs and curriculum involve function and fun! The equipment necessary to serve our students and make all operations efficient includes: transportation, fire pit, volleyball court, pavilion, technology, furnishings, fixtures and office equipment.


Long Term Maintenance Fund - $200,000 | In order to preserve the value of our investment in these crucial facilities, Bartlesville KLIFE is setting aside funds to keep the buildings, equipment and furnishings in top condition.


Annual Fund (3 years) - $525,000 | Along with the growth of our programs, and the expansion of our facilities, comes an increase in the year-to-year operating costs. The donations necessary to support the operating fund for the next three years are integrated into the overall campaign goal. This will assure the stability of ongoing operations over the duration of the campaign.

 Grand Total: $3,000,000


Levels of gIFTS

Campaign team


Bob Bryant, ConocoPhillips      Patricia Robertson, DHS, (retired)

Lynn Potts, ConocoPhillips       Terry Potts, Phillips 66

Doug Sauer, Phillips 66             Rhonda Rizzo Webb, Author

Joe Robertson, Attorney, (retired)

Michele Robertson, Community Volunteer

James E Webb Jr., D.P.M., Bartlesville Podiatry

Chair | Mark Robertson, M.D., Bartlesville ENT and Allergy

Prayer | Elizabeth Cone, Community Volunteer

Finance | Julie Bryant, Phillips 66

Building | Todd Cone, Todd Cone Law Office

Publicity | Laura Walton, Martha’s Task

Donor Recognition | Ann Rumph, Community Volunteer